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“The video was shot at the Titanic Drawing Rooms, where the plans for the infamous and ill-fated liner were put together: the location is just yards from the main set of Game Of Thrones.”

Mark Ashby, Planet Mosh (Apr 29, 2014)

“attacking the Metal scene in NI with gusto”

Stephen Brophy, Firebrand Rock Radio & Magazine (Jun 21, 2014)

“a performance which shows that unsigned local acts are more than capable of standing shoulder to shoulder with their ‘bigger’ counterparts in terms of not only drawing a crowd but delivering exciting heavy feckin’ metal”

Mark Ashby, PlanetMosh (Jun 11, 2014)

" A short but intense 40 minute set announced that Conjuring Fate was ready to take flight among the great rock acts of the world. What more ‘metal’ way to fly is there, than on the wings of a dragon?
- Oran, (Oct 16th 2014)

“You could easily say that this was a great performance from Conjuring Fate, but it was so much more than that.”

Johnathan Traynor, Belfast Metalheads Reunited (Jun 08, 2014)

“The riffs are heavy and melodic in all the right places to make this a brilliantly catchy metal song that you can also bang your head to.”

Dr.Ben, Shredload Music (Jul 23, 2014)

"The preponderance of Fate t-shirts showed the extent of the growth of the fanbase; and judging by the reaction of others in a packed Limelight2 they have gained many new fans. Conjuring Fate lay down a challenge to the headliners" (DRAGONFORCE).
- Jonny, Rock Radio NI (sept 21st 2014)

"Conjuring Fate, who receive a heroes welcome from the crowd, many of whom are wearing CF tshirts. CF are a hugely entertaining band, solidly professional but also warm and approachable and with a clear sense of fun, which is endearing and magnetic." 

- Melanie Brehaut, Chordblossom (May 18th 2015)

"Conjuring Fate are a well-oiled, smooth and tight machine - no clunking of gears here. The camaraderie on stage means they are a potent force of fun and metal joy!"
- Jonathan Traynor, Belfast Metalheads Reunited (Oct 24th 2016)
4/5 Laura Cosheril ( Dec 2016)
"One aspect about this album I noticed very early on is that the guitar capabilities are ramped up immensely from their previous release. The guitar solo in “Dr. Frankenstein” is fast, finger-shredding goodness, something I’ve not heard from an underground Heavy Metal band in a while."

8/10 Igor Natusch ( (Jan 23rd 2017)

'Marching Dead' could easily have been an Elixir tune (take it as a compliment, lads), ' Primal Desire' is pure-blood NWOBHM on steroids (also a compliment, right?)"

Alan O'Driscoll (The Dark Side, Wired FM) May 30th 2017
"If anyone (somehow) doubted the band's power metal credentials, they embrace it wholly in ‘Chasing Shadows’ with a harmony-driven‘On the mountains high/Where the eagles fly'; it’s epic in the literal sense; a bit of Stratovarius-type tomfoolery that gets no complaints from me."
Jonathan Traynor (BelfastMetalheadsReunited)
Dec 14th 2016
"Valley of Shadows' keeps giving with each play, keeps rewarding the listener...and we have pretty much had to suspend a lot of our other work with it being on repeat almost constantly".
4/5 - unknown, (
"There’s nothing new or contemporary about Conjuring Fate. They’re a band with their roots set firmly in heavy metal. They are however, excellent musicians and superb songwriters. If the NWONIHM takes off they’ll be jostling at the front of the queue!"
7/10 Matt Coe ( Jan 25th 2017)
 "Conjuring Fate also know how to throw down dynamics in spots, tastefully bringing the soft opening of “Chasing Shadows” into more of a fist-pumping power anthem, galvanizing the troops through the riff/tempo combination."
8/10 Matt Mapelli (GiornalMetal May 21st 2017)
"Trust no one is a mid rocky time and pure metal; a praise goes to singer Tommy Daly, who with melodic pathos naturalness to all the tracks, a newcomer band over a long distance but which behaves as a veteran"
9/10 M Blade (MusipediaOfMetal Dec 18th 2016)
Conjuring Fate have breathed new life into an old sound, a great mix of classic sounds delivered with modern toughness Valley Of Shadows is an excellent debut record of proper metal.
100% Heavy Metal - Carlos (
"The songwriting is really strong and you can tell these guys have put some thought into their songs, they know the old saying of “simplicity is perfection” but don’t let it fool into thinking that it’s not anything but quality work.
4/5 - Marc Leach (
"The listener is immediately greeted by the title track, in the form of a musicial invitation full of powerful guitar riffs from founding member Phil Horner, and Karl Gibson who recently joined the band. This release was definitely worth the wait and it has left this reviewer hungry to hear more."
Brian Boyle - 
"If this EP was released around the time the likes of  Metallica and Maiden were turning heads, i have no doubt they would be bloody huge today.  Such is the strength of their music."
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